Thursday, 19 November 2009

Wishful thinking blinds Greenpeace to Darwinian nature of its own power structures

LINK to Guardian article, Greenpeace chief urges Obama to use 'political capital' to agree climate deal, by Kumi Naidoo

Global warming, which is just one aspect of a much wider Sustainability Problem, cannot be resolved by this kind of wishful thinking, which reminds me of someone who is fat, smokes and completely out of condition fantasizing about competing at the next Olympic Games.

Those societies which wish to survive this Century, like our Olympic hopeful, will first have to get themselves into condition, which means recognising the misplaced and perverted Darwinian nature which is making such slobs of them now.

What prevents Kumi Naidoo from recognising this himself, I suggest, is a reluctance to acknowledge his own Darwinian drive for power, which has placed him at the head of Green Peace.

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