Monday, 23 November 2009

The need to place the political and social sciences on a Darwinian foundation

LINK to Guardian article, Why I couldn't draw a full MP's salary, by Anneliese Dodds.

An excellent article that goes to the "
rotten heart" of so-called "British society", which isn't so much a society at all, but rather, an artificial ENVIRONMENT, which, as a human-evolutionary perspective reveals, our politico-socioeconomic order developed over the centuries to manage and facilitate the exploitation of by its own most powerful and influential elites, thereby rationalizing and disguising itself in the self-delusion of SERVICE to one's NATION.

However, no real difference or progress can be made through the kind of gesture
Anneliese Dodds is recommending here (and, I assume, actually making, as the Labour Party candidate for Reading East), no matter how sincerely she might mean it.

As a political and social scientist (which I assume she is), she would serve society far better by helping to place her science on the Darwinian foundations it currently so sorely lacks.
The expenses scandal allows us to reconsider the faulty logic that insists 'professionals' be paid so much more than others.
It is not just "faulty logic", but a misplaced and perverted Darwinian logic, which lies at the heart of our politico-socioeconomic order, that we simply refuse to recognise and face up to.

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