Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Demand for a Voluntary DNA Database

LINK to Guardian article, My DNA dilemma, by the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson

Dear Minister, Will you please create a Voluntary DNA Database for those, like myself, who would welcome the opportunity to help the police in their investigations into serious crime.

Let those who, for the sake of their own (misconceived - or not) self-interest, would provide cover for the most heinous criminals continue to do so. But I want no part of it.

I WANT you to have my DNA profile, whose 20 digit code I would be proud to carry on my lapel. Only, I don't want it mixed up with those of convicted criminals, but in a database, for responsible citizens, of its own.

I want to belong to an Open Source Society, where everyone is known (potentially) to everyone else. I am very happy for everyone and anyone (who's interested) to know who I am. Notwithstanding my grave reservations concerning the STATE.

bumpngrind: ". . if you are NOT going to commit a crime, how is your DNA going to help any police investigation?"
A major aspect of any criminal investigation is narrowing down the list of suspects.

THAT is how my DNA, in its small way, will help police investigations. And the more of us who are in the Voluntary DNA Database, the more effective this help will be.


Judging from the responses, I'm obviously in the minority on this thread, as I would also be on the Telegraph's or Mail's comment pages, so I'm not too bothered by that.

Not that some of your concerns are not reasonable. They are, and I have my own reasons for not trusting the STATE, which I go into in more detail on my BLOG, but if my DNA profile helps (in its small way) to catch just one serial rapist before he strikes again, as far as I'm concerned, it is worth the relatively small risk that I am taking.

I may be wrong, but I would guess that all those so fervently dismissive of my suggestion of a Voluntary DNA Database are MEN.

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  1. no. some are women such as myself. i have no desire to have my DNA stored anywhere by anyone. the legal protections against genetic discrimination are an unenforced joke. nor do i care to cater to the filthy meme that one must proactively prove one's innocence.