Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Europeans vain attempts to civilize the rest of the world in their own idealized image

LINK to Guardian article, The Commonwealth is a jamboree of repression, by Tom Porteous.

When will the WHITE MAN stop trying to civilize the rest of the world in his own idealized image?

Perhaps when we recognise the
ego trip we are on in claiming the moral high ground for ourselves.

Only, it's not just an
ego trip - no matter how well rationalized and disguised - but an expression of our unrecognized, but continuing Darwinian struggle for survival, advantage and "success", misplaced and perverted in the artificial environment of our own society.

We need to get ourselves sorted (by developing an understanding of our own Darwinian nature and how it is now driving us towards self-destruction), instead of distracting ourselves vainly trying to sort the rest of the world.


Whatever do you mean by that?!?! The whole world, from what I see, is headed for self destruction - why not share around the doom and gloom?
The answer to your question is that I identify myself as a "white man" (a native European), and would feel uncomfortable criticizing any other ethnic group. In addition, western civilization is synonymous with European civilization, the historical roots of which are "hideously white" (as the former Director-General of the BBC, Greg Dyke, might put it) and go back more than 2500 years to the ancient Greeks, and further back into prehistory. Europeans are responsible for the mess we are in - no one else. Native Africans, Americans, Australians, etc. were doing just fine, until us Europeans came along and screwed things up.
"What Darwinian nature?"
Have you not heard of Darwin and his book, On the Origin of Species?

In their arrogance, Europeans assume that they, or their political and academic elites, at least, are rational animals, when in fact, like everyone else, they are still very much a Darwinian animal, preoccupied with exploiting their environment to their own personal (or family) advantage, which now, perversely, includes human civilization itself. Notwithstanding their cleverness in rationalizing and disguising it from themselves, and others. I go into this in more detail on one of my BLOGS.

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