Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Most aid to so-called developing countries is in vain

LINK to Guardian article, Broken promises on aid, by David Cronin

It seems to me that most western aid to so-called developing countries, simply enables their powerful and privileged elites to enjoy rich western lifestyles, while their populations carry on growing, thereby neutralizing, at best, any benefits of increased production.

All that the good intentions of people like David Cronin will do is increase the scale of the looming human and ecological catastrophe, thereby also reducing our OWN chances of surviving it.

David Cronin, I suspect, considers his own stance as highly moral and anti-Darwinian, because of his concern for the survival and well-being of OTHERS rather than his OWN, but I see this as a subconscious perversion of his own Darwinian drive for survival and "success", in the artificial environment of his own society, where he can claim the "moral high ground" for himself, and the advantages which go with it.

We need to come out of denial and view our situation, personally and collectively, from a Darwinian perspective. Otherwise, we cannot possibly understand or take control of it, which will leave a ruthless Mother Nature to run her brutal Darwinian course.

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