Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Who are society's REAL "parasites"?

LINK to Guardian article, Filesharers are parasitic freeloaders, by Anne Wollenberg
Filesharers are parasitic freeloaders
Basically, this is about "property rights", which, from its very inception, the STATE has defined and enforced, either by the sword or the word of authority - fairly, humanely and to the well-being of society as a whole, of course, or so, with some reservations, we are taught.

A more realistic view of history shows that the state has always defined and enforced property rights to the massive advantage of those in wealth, power and privilege (because primarily society is not a genuine society at all, an extension of our original tribe, but an ENVIRONMENT, which those in a position to do so, seek to exploit to their own advantage).

Originally it was just the aristocracy and clergy who were the big winners (not that society as a whole didn't enjoy certain benefits as well; after all, the human environment had to be maintained, in order for it to be exploited), but over the centuries, especially in the last, the number of (apparent) winners greatly increased and diversified, many in the media and "creative industries" being amongst them.

We all depend on society (the social environment) and need to make a living, but why should some, thanks to property rights (including copyright) determined by society's ruling elites, be so disproportionately favoured?

I'm very appreciative of Paul McCartney, for example, who as an artist I have much to thank for and would consequently always have an open door and helping hand for. That he should have a good income, goes without saying - but one that is 100s of time the national average . . ?! He, rather than the filesharer who obtains his songs for free, is the real parasite, for taking far more than is appropriate (assuming the generally held illusion that society really is a society, and not just an environment to be exploited for as much as you can get out of it).

That is a harsh thing to say about someone you like and whose work you admire, but it's the truth. Not that I hold it against Paul McCartney, or any other millionaire artiste, personally, who have all been corrupted by the values and power structures embodied in the British state, masquerading as a NATION, at whose head the most insidious parasite of all still resides.

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