Thursday, 26 November 2009

Like the STATES which comprise it, the EU is deeply rooted in man's Darwinian nature

LINK to Guardian article by Timothy Garton Ash on the state of the EU.

The EU, understandably enough, reflects the nature of the STATES that comprise it, which is deeply
Darwinian, notwithstanding our complete denial (refusal even to contemplate) this profoundly important fact - which itself is a consequence of our Darwinian nature, our advanced prime-ape brain having evolved to interpret reality, i.e. its environment, to its own perceived (perverted Darwinian) advantage, thereby blinding us to reality (like a form of collective posthypnotic suggestion).

Anyone who belongs to our political, media, business, religious, or academic elites, has a massive personal interest (which, they would have the rest of us believe, and no doubt believe themselves, is in everyone's best interest) in maintaining the politico-socioeconomic status quo, despite its misplaced and perverted Darwinian nature and inherent inhumanity and non-sustainability.

Unless we recognise this pretty soon and develop an understanding of it, so that we can put it right, the EU and our civilization as a whole are doomed.

TGA, for all his academic qualifications, obviously doesn't have a clue - because subconsciously his brain doesn't want to question, fundamentally, the SYSTEM in which he has found such personal and professional

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