Saturday, 7 November 2009

Nidal Hassan: murderer or martyr . . ?

LINK to Guardian article, American, for better or worse, by Michael Tomasky, in response to the massacre of American soldiers at Fort Hood by the Palestinian-American, Nidal Hassan.

I have a different interpretation of this horrific incident, as that of an individual lashing out in vain desperation against the STATE which he feels (justifiably, I would argue) has betrayed him and what he believes in and identifies with most deeply.

If more of us were to recognise how the STATE betrays us ALL (or at least, most of us, who are not its select favourites), like an abusive parent we are fatally attached to through our material and emotional dependency on it (the state having usurped our original tribe), we could begin organizing OURSELVES, rationally and non-violently, into a more just, humane and sustainable society.

Texasforever writes:
. . there is not, never has been, and never will be a nation based on "morality"
Like most people, you are equating the STATE, and its perverted Darwinian nature, with NATION, and its unperverted Darwinian nature.

Conflation of the two (deliberately promoted by the state, of course) has thus far in human history prevented the nation from developing in a humane and rational (e.g. non-violent) fashion from its deeply social and tribal roots.

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  1. "Western society is numbing its own instinct to defend itself." climatecommunion commented this.

    i comment it here as i think it fits well with many of the main themes you have going here & each reminds me of the pivotal moment when a fictional character realized the horrifying magnitude of people's willingness to have that defense instinct eroded away via endless, all-is-gray-relativism; until in the end, they do nothing when attacked except apologize & acquiesce.

    (richard in terry goodkind's sword of truth series)