Tuesday, 24 November 2009

"America's broken politics" - a consequence of its false claim to NATIONHOOD

LINK to Guardian article, America's broken politics, by the renowned American economist, Jeffrey Sachs
The fundamental problem, which
Jeffrey Sachs seems oblivious to, lies in the nature of the STATE and its false claim to NATIONHOOD.

Homo sapiens
evolved not just as a very social animal, but also as a very tribal one. Only as tribes, or groups of closely allied tribes (NATIONS) can we survive and prosper in the long term.

America is not a nation, nor a genuine society, at all, but an artificial, socioeconomic ENVIRONMENT, which the STATE, opportunistically claiming the mantle of nationhood for itself, provides the legal framework for the self-exploitation of, to the massive advantage of wealth, power and privilege, to which Jeffrey Sachs himself, of course, like most academics, belongs, and is why none of them question, are psychologically capable of fundamentally questioning, the status quo, on which they themselves are so dependent.

America (like Britain) has no future as it stands at the moment, based as it is on the LIE of it being a NATION. The only question is whether it will tear itself apart in violent convulsions in the further course of this century, be held together by a totalitarian regime, or find a way to transform itself, essentially peacefully and democratically, from an unsustainable NATION-STATE (rooted in, serving and exploiting, man's misplaced and perverted, but rationalized and unrecognized, Darwinian nature) to a sustainable STATE of NATIONS (rooted in an understanding of man's Darwinian nature and how to direct it along more just, humane, rational and sustainable lines).

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