Wednesday, 4 November 2009

As long as Afghanistan votes on the basis of ethnicity

LINK to Guardian article, Tom, Jerry ... and Karzai, by Nushin Arbabzadah.
As long as Afghanistan votes on the basis of ethnicity, all it can expect of its politicians is an international comedy show.
Thus speaks a member of Afghanistan's cosmopolitan elite, with a personal interest in the establishment of a strong STATE that will provide the kind of political and socioeconomic environment in which she and her kind can flourish, just as we have in Britain and America.

No wonder the Afghan peoples (note the plural!) are putting up a fight, as well they might.

Just because we in the West have had it forced out of us, over centuries, by the state (i.e. been conditioned from birth to suppress and deny it, even to ourselves), does it not occur to anyone that ethnicity is in fact the natural basis of NATIONHOOD (derived from our evolved tribal nature), the source of the kind of social behaviour, rooted in mutuality (rather than exploitation), that our own society so sorely lacks and which we are forever lamenting?

What we have, and what we are trying to force on Afghanistan, is STATEHOOD, falsely claiming the mantle of NATIONHOOD, in order to facilitate society's self-exploitation to the advantage of its dominant elites(in politics, business, academia and the media, especially).

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