Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Hope for the future of our civilization requires a Darwinian understanding of it

LINK to Guardian article, A climate deal is like trying to halt the rains in Cumbria, by Paul Kingsnorth, in which he predicts our failure to combat climate change.

Thank you,
Mr. Kingsnorth, for an all too realistic perspective.

Although, when you speak of "
painful decline ahead", that is putting it much too nicely, perhaps because you don't want to scare your readers. What is in store for us, i.e. our children and grandchildren, quite literally, doesn't bear thinking about, which is part of the reason why we persist in clinging to false hopes.

HOPE is incredibly important, without which we really are lost, but it needs to be
realistic, based on a sound understanding of ourselves and of our past and present situation.

Such a realistic understanding, however, is what we lack.

How to we arrive at a realistic understanding?

By overcoming the massive taboos against taking a human-evolutionary, i.e. Darwinian, view of human nature, of the social, political and economic power structures it has given rise to, and their history.

I've been going on about this for some time, because it offers the only realistic hope there is.

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