Thursday, 26 November 2009

Scientists' failure to recognise the Darwinian nature of their own civilization

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[In] the drive to commercialise science . . . even the pure quest for knowledge is subverted by the need for profit.
It is about time (150 years, now, since publication of On the Origin of Species) that scientists like John Sulston recognised the Darwinian nature of our civilization, i.e. the social, political and economic power structures on which it rests.

The reason that he and his colleagues do not recognise it - or if they do, don't make an issue of it - is that they themselves, even more than most, perhaps, are materially and emotionally completely dependent on this deeply Darwinian SYSTEM, in which human society itself - perversely and unsustainably - serves primarily as an exploitable ENVIRONMENT.

If we recognised and developed an understanding of this, we could place the necessary constraints on the SYSTEM, or better still, radically transform it, so that it ceases to treat civilization as an exploitable environment and "human resource".

Scientists are absolutely brilliant at understanding the material world, but when it comes to understanding themselves and their own society they are still very much in the Dark Ages.

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