Thursday, 12 November 2009

The mis- and missed use of Darwin

LINK to Guardian article, The misuses of Darwin, by Simon Underdown

What evolutionary theory should teach us is that man is not just a social animal, but also very much a tribal animal, behaviourally adapted to two very different environments (his own tribe, on the one hand, and everything external to it, including other, rival, tribes, on the other) that no longer exist separately, but have merged to form the single, artificial environment of human civilization, where the primordial struggle for survival and reproductive success continues, but is misplace and rationalized, perverted, largely to the pursuit and exercise of POWER, in its multifarious forms, over others, e.g. money, the moral high ground (which established religions specialize in, although now rivaled by "progressives" and the liberal-left), social and professional status, etc. etc.

Darwin, i.e. a human-evolutionary perspective, has a great deal to teach us about ourselves and our civilization, i.e. the power structures of state and economy on which it is based, but because such a perspective would undermine these very power structures, and the positions of those who profit from them, by exposing the lies and (self)-deceptions on which they in turn are based, there are massive taboos in place preventing it, for which the failings of social Darwinism and the horrors of Nazism are just a very convenient justification.

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