Saturday, 7 November 2009

Preserving the peace in multi-ethnic Britain

LINK to Guardian article, The many gods of Ilford, by Abhinav Ramnarayan

An interesting and sympathetic article, which I was attracted to because I myself live quite close to the Ilford temple.

Whereby I can't help thinking of the urgent need for us ALL to face up to the fact that we really are an overcrowded country, which, if we want to continue living in peace together, needs to decrease rather than increase its population. We also need to stop the state trying to impose its shallow ideas of British identity on everyone, when we all known that most immigrants are here to take advantage of the much more favourable (political and socioeconomic) environment than the one they left behind.

Let us drop the ideology, pretence and self-deception, and face up to reality, so that we can deal with the situation that the Madness of allowing mass immigration, of culturally and/or racially very different peoples into our ethnically relatively homogeneous, but already overpopulated country, has created, in a peaceful and civilized fashion, before a ruthless Mother Nature takes her course and has us tearing at each others throats.

Assuming this gets passed the moderation (which I don't expect it to do), it will, no doubt, be interpreted by some as "inflammatory". But that is not how it is intended. I want a happy ending, i.e. future, for us all (native, especially, because that's what I am, but also immigrant, not least because there are a few that I know personally and am fond of), rather than the environmental and human catastrophe towards which we are currently heading, i.e. being driven by the stupidity (and perverted Darwinian drive for power) of our ruling elites with their hare-brained state ideology of "colourblindness", i.e. indifference to ethnic difference, when shared ethnic identity lies at the heart of true nationhood and a genuinely civil society.

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