Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The "original sin" of being a "white man"

LINK to Guardian article, "JFS puts faith schools in the dock", by Jonathan Romain

BeatonTheDonis wrote:
"I'd say the vast majority of atheists in Europe and North America identify with Christian values, and history, but do not believe in God."

There is some - but only some - truth in this, I'd say.

Most of the history of European, i.e. western, civilization is steeped in Christianity, its beliefs, values and attitudes, so that there is no getting away from it, if this is the civilization you belong to and identify with (and, if you live in a western society, even if you don't). However, there are many so-called Christian values and attitudes, as well as beliefs, which a majority of the population no longer accepts, certainly not without reservations.

It is interesting to note that western civilization, for the first two and a half thousand years of its existence, was dominated overwhelmingly (for better and for worse, not just militarily and politically, but also culturally, artistically, scientifically and technologically) by "white men", who are now demonized to the extent that it is considered evil, i.e. "racist", to identify with them at all.

Those of us who cannot help being white men are only forgiven our "original sin", and deemed socially acceptable, if we fervently loath ourselves for it and submit to the moral superiority and authority of those occupying the moral high ground (which now, in our much more secular society, the Catholic Church has to share with the liberal-left and others).

This is all very much in the Judeo-Christian tradition, of course, which cultivates a sense of guilt, inadequacy and self-hatred as a means of facilitating social control and domination to the advantage of those occupying the moral high ground.

The importance of the moral high ground (whether based on the word of God or some secular ideology) is most readily understood from a Darwinian perspective (see my BLOG), which those claiming to occupy it seek to suppress and deny (even to themselves), because it reveals their primordial (subconscious) motivation in doing so.

Next to money, the moral high ground it is the most important source of social status and POWER, which facilitates their exploitation of society itself (notwithstanding its perversion of evolutionary intentions), as an artificial environment, to their own (and immediate family's) personal advantage.

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