Thursday, 22 October 2009

"All is hubris", writes Simon Jenkins, on which I agree and elaborate

 LINK to Guardian (Cif) article.
All is hubris. The arrogance of empire has mutated into the arrogance of liberalism.
Nicely put, Simon, but this hubris permeates the ruling classes (including those in the media) to a far greater extent than I think you realise, and the way things look at the moment, will bring our civilization crashing down before this new century is out.

How, did we - people intelligent enough to put men on the Moon and probe the fabric and origins of the universe - manage to get ourselves into such a hopeless social, political, economic and environmental mess . . ?

That's the question we urgently need some honest answers to and an understanding of, if there is to be any hope of us getting ourselves out of this mess, and surviving this present century.

But where the answer lies, currently we refuse to go, or even look, since it lies in our own Darwinian nature (being the evolved animals we are) and the social, political and economic power structures (of state and economy) it has given rise to.

I keep banging on about this, and many of my posts are now moderated on Cif for doing so (this one included), but it really is the key to understanding our situation and being able to do anything wise and enlightened about it. Otherwise a ruthless, brutally Darwinian, Mother Nature will simply take her course . . .

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