Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Why socialism died before birth

In response to Geoffrey Wheatcroft's lament in today's Guardian of the demise of socialism: Socialism has been buried.

The fundamental mistake made by the political Left in their vain attempts to realise socialism, was to identify with a universalist/internationalist ideology (which served their personal advantage in the socioeconomic status quo), rather than with their own PEOPLE, TRIBE and NATION, which are the only genuine sources of the mutualistic and altruistic behaviour which must lie, necessarily, at socialism's core.

Bizarrely (though understandably, once you recognise their true, subconscious, motivations and self-delusions), by encouraging mass immigration and the creation of a multi-racial/multicultural society, the Left did more than their fair share to help create a situation in which genuine socialism could not possibly develop.

A prerequisite of a genuinely socialist society is that its members identify with each other as belonging to the same PEOPLE, TRIBE and NATION, because it was in a tribal environment that human nature and and behaviour patterns evolved and are thus adapted to.

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