Monday, 8 February 2010

Political left and right complement each other

Our political elites have got things nicely sown up for themselves, with those on the so-called Left and Right complementing each other, much as the aristocracy and clergy did in the Middle Ages. We are deceived (deceive ourselves) into believing that by joining or supporting one side or the other, we are contributing, not just to our own personal interests, but also to social, political and economic progress in general. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth; rather, we are just helping maintain the status quo.
To understand this, one has to recognise the fact - deeply buried beneath centuries of myth and self-deception - that society is, as it always has been, controlled and organized to a very large extent by the state and capital (notwithstanding all the apparent freedoms we now enjoy), not as a genuine society at all (which would be an extension of our original tribe), but primarily as an artificial environment, which they developed to facilitate the exploitation of (to the advantage of some over others) in a misplaced and perverted continuation of Homo sapiens' primordial Darwinian struggle for survival and (reproductive) "success", where, however, it is reduced to, and disguised as, the pursuit and exercise of POWER, in its multifarious forms (sometimes complementing, other times contradicting each other), e.g. political office, money, social and professional status, the moral high ground, etc.

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