Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Multi-National Socialism

I ended my last post acknowledging that undermining the authority of the state by exposing its true, mercenary, nature would lead to accusations of inviting ethnic conflict.
Such fears are not unfounded, since although the primary purpose and function of the STATE is - as it always has been - to facilitate society's self-exploitation to the advantage of power, wealth and privilege, it has other functions as well, some of which are vital to us all. The most important is enforcing the rule of law and non-violence, without which different regions or factions (originally, tribes) would become embroiled in bloody conflict.
Thus, there are certain functions of the state which have to be maintained, even as exposure of its true nature undermines its authority, especially its false claim to nationhood and to being the legitimate heir of one's original TRIBE, along with the loyalty and commitment evolution hard-wired us to feel towards it.
The state is analogous with a wicked step-parent, who disposed of our natural parents before we had any memory of them and has brought us up to believe that he or she (the father or nanny state) is our natural, loving parent, whom we owe our love and loyalty. The problem is that we cannot help being both materially and emotionally dependent on the state. Freeing ourselves from both these dependencies is going to take time and effort, and is likely to be painful. However, we owe it to ourselves, and natural parents (our true nation) to make the effort and bear the pain.
Rather than just hating the state, as one is inclined to do on recognising its true nature, better to understand it as a product of our own Darwinian nature, seeking to exploit its environment, which now, largely and perversely, comprises human society itself. Once enough of us have recognised and understood this and the situation it places us in, we can begin to do something about it.
To do that we need to organise OURSELVES (instead of the state and capital doing it for us) into genuine nations. Yes, nations! Because we will never all agree on just one nation, and need to get away from having ONE imposed on us by the state. Thus, Britain will become not just a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society, but also a multi-national society.
Multi-ethnic actually means multi-national, anyway, ethnic being derived from Greek ETHNOS = a PEOPLE or a NATION.
It goes without saying – or should do – that members of the same COMMUNITY also belong to the same NATION.
I know, this is all very confusing, and it's our confusion which the state (our wicked step-parent) and capital exploit in exerting their control over us.
The confusion results from the conflation of the two very different environments in which human nature (emotions and behaviour patterns) evolved over millions of years, long before the advent of civilisation, the state and capitalism. One was the “familiar” environment of our TRIBE, the other the natural environment external to it, which included other, non-related, tribes (related tribes, when they came together, formed a nation). The former was characterised by familiarity, trust, mutuality, shared identity and destiny, the latter by unfamiliarity, mistrust (fear) and the need to exploit it in the struggle for survival.
The conflation of these two environments is embodied in the STATE, which has conditioned us to see and trust it as the natural heir to our tribe, so as to facilitate society’s self-exploitation, as if it were the natural environment, to the advantage of power, wealth and privilege.
Within our original tribe, shared property (certainly in respect to land) and mutualism (the ideas behind “socialism”) would have been the norm. The reason that socialism could not be made to work in the modern world is because it was always imposed, or implemented, from above by the STATE, whose inherent primary purpose is the very opposite, i.e. to facilitate society's self-exploitation.
Nationalism and socialism have both been thoroughly discredited through being hijacked and embraced by the STATE (most devastatingly by the Nazis, who incorporated both concepts in their name, after the motto: if you have a nasty product you want to sell, associate it with very positive concepts, something that, like the Nazis, the tobacco industry, or their advertising agents, were also very clever at doing). However, the concepts themselves are of vital importance, because both relate back to our original TRIBE and human nature as it evolved therein.
The concept of nationalism derives from our sense of identity with and loyalty to our tribe, from which socialism (sharing with one's kin) naturally follows.
Thus, what I propose we develop as replacement for the existing socio-economic order of mercenary state and capitalist economy, is MULTI-NATIONAL SOCIALISM.
Which finally gets me to where I can address the fear that undermining the authority of the state (of our wicked step-parent) will lead to ethnic conflict. That is a danger, of course. But by being aware of it, we can hopefully avoid, or at least, minimise it, since the real conflict is not between nations (ethnic groups), but between NATIONALISTS (those openly committed to their own ethnic group) and STATISTS.
What about people of mixed race, or who want to belong to a multi-ethnic nation? They will form a nation, or nations, of their own: a nation amongst other nations. And so long as they respect other (mono-ethnic) nations wish to retain their ethnic/racial identity, rather than trying to force them into a melting pot, as the state currently does, there need be no conflict.
It is worth noting that a “multi-ethnic nation” will inevitably become mono-ethnic over time as individuals intermarry and produce an increasingly, and ultimately wholly, mixed-race population.
The ethnic group that I spontaneously identify with and recognise as constituting my NATION – or SUPERNATION, if you prefer – are ETHNIC EUROPEANS – not the most numerous of nations, but potentially by far the most powerful. Power, which if wisely used, will enable all nations (as opposed to states) to survive the turbulent times ahead and devise a just, humane and sustainable future for humanity.
If you haven't already dismissed me as a nutter, you will probably be wondering where one goes from here, but I think I'd better save that for a subsequent post – notwithstanding that I have already written and published a fair bit on this subject.


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