Sunday, 31 October 2010

If Thinking aloud were Allowed

I'm a regular listener to Laurie Taylor's BBC Radio 4 broadcast, Thinking Allowed, which often deals with some very interesting sociological topics - but never from a human-evolutionary, i.e. Darwinian, perspective. It is very politically correct (as one would expect from the BBC) and provides a perfect example of how, in practice, thinking is only allowed when it conforms to the ruling political paradigm and ideology.

If thinking aloud were actually allowed and not suppressed by fears of social disapproval (e.g. accusations of RACISM), what would it reveal?
It would, for example, reveal that a large majority of Britain's indigenous (white, ethnic European) population are thoroughly pissed off with having mass immigration and multi-racial/multi-cultural society imposed on them by the STATE and CAPITAL interests.
And they have every reason to be so!
Firstly, because our country and sub-continent are already, natively and unsustainably, overpopulated. We need a SMALLER population, not a larger one. Otherwise, in the decades ahead we will be culled by a ruthless Mother Nature, using the means available to her (famine, disease and war). Believing (and claiming the moral high ground for it) that Darwin's theory doesn't apply to us humans, won't stop it doing so in practice.
Secondly, a genuine society, held together by more than just individual self-interest, requires a sense of shared identity and destiny, i.e. of NATIONHOOD, which a multi-ethnic society cannot possibly provide, because it is in fact (despite being disguised as “multi-cultural"), a multi-national society, ETHNIC deriving from Greek ETHNOS, meaning a PEOPLE or a NATION.
If Britain is not a genuine society or nation, what is it?
It is a Mercenary State posing as a Nation State.
And what applies to Britain applies to most, if not all other states as well - certainly to France and America.
If I leave it there I'll be accused of inviting ethnic conflict, which is not my intention, but I'll deal with that in a subsequent post.

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