Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A Darwinian perspective of "anti-racism"

"Anti-racism" is not the noble cause it started out as (a response to genuine, ugly racism, e.g. Apartheid, Jim Crow, and above all, Nazism) and is still made out to be, but primarily a means of claiming a spurious "moral high ground" for oneself and for a proprietary and mercenary state seeking to assert its traditional, but false claim to nationhood, authority and power over an increasingly multi and mixed ethnic population.

"Anti-racism" no longer simply means opposition to genuine racism, but also the demonization of any assertion of ethnic identity amongst Europeans (i.e. white people), as if this natural propensity itself were racist and therefore evil.

Why, a "Darwinian" perspective?

Because it is an expression of man's continuing (though misplaced, perverted, rationalized, and thus largely unrecognized) primordial struggle for survival and (reproductive) "success" in the artificial environment of human society itself, where, next to material wealth, a successful claim to the "moral high ground" and the social status that goes with it, is the most important advantage one can have.

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