Sunday, 17 January 2010

Is our ONLY choice to vote for the BNP?!

Just because America's ethnic European population, under massive state pressure, is rapidly disappearing into the melting pot of a (ideologically) freely miscegenating, multi-ethnic society, does this mean that Britain and Europe must do the same . . ?

All Britain's mainstream political parties (which one might collectively call, "Parties of the Pot") obviously assume so.

And what about those of us who want to retain our native,  ethnic, historical and prehistorical identity, much of which we've shared with fellow Europeans (including European Jews) over millennia? Is our ONLY choice to vote for the BNP . . ?!

This is not about "racial purity", which we all know does not exist, but about racial, i.e. ethnic, IDENTITY, which DOES exist and is of central importance for a deep and meaningful sense of personal and group (e.g. national) identity -certainly for myself. Notwithstanding that there are obviously those for whom, for whatever reason, race and ethnicity are not important, and I respect that. 

What I do not respect or accept is when they self-righteously assume the right to impose this attitude (of "colourblindness", "indifference to ethnic difference", of "race-doesn't matter", "one-human-racism", or whatever you prefer to call it) on everyone else, with the backing of the state, by accusing of "racism" those who resist.

I want to be on the friendliest possible terms with ethnic minorities and their member (with some of whom I am actual friends, I like to think), but I don't want to go on having to pretend (under pain of being branded a "racist") that we are a PEOPLE and a NATION, which is a STATE LIE I am not prepared to go along with.

Here the Oxford English Dictionary's definition of NATION:

A large aggregate of people so closely associated with each other by factors such as COMMON DESCENT, language, CULTURE, HISTORY, and occupation of the same territory as to be identified as a DISTINCT PEOPLE [my capitals].

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